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31st Jul 2015

Back in June last year we were really excited to have won the D&AD 'In Book' award for the backpainhelp Shoulder Brace which we helped to design and develop. 

Since then we have also been involved in the design and development of a slimline Neck Brace and a flexible Backboard for backpainhelp....

 UK product design

The Neck Brace helps relieve pain in the neck and upper back as well as improve posture, and not to mention looks pretty stunning! To learn more about the Neck Brace, watch the video below from backpainhelp (featuring a guest spot from Tim!): 

UK medical product design

The Backboard™ is a stylish, simple lumbar support which can be adjusted to help improve posture and restore the natural curve of the spine when seated. Heres another great video from backpainghelp (also featuring Tim!) explaining the benefits of using the Backboard