what we do


“Ideas without execution are nothing.”

Meeting your needs is at the heart of what we do. We scrupulously analyse the challenge and take it all the way through to meticulous execution.

We are flexible and work in ways to meet your needs. Whether you have a design concept and need it developing and prepared for production, or you require us to produce a full research, design and development package for your brand, we can deliver. 

As well as established relationships with manufacturers worldwide, we offer in house sample development as well as small scale production runs. 

A far-reaching fusion of industrial, fashion and softgood design allows us to work across the following areas: active performance sports, outdoor, fashion, lifestyle, luggage, urban and travel. 

At timfishdesign we work beyond outdoor and sports products. Increasingly, companies are utilising our extensive knowledge of softgood product design, with exciting and award winning outcomes.

We believe in user-led design. Either through our own experience or by working with experts, we make it our mission to understand your needs and the requirements of your customers who use the products we design and develop.